5 steps to increase traffic to your LinkedIn Profile.

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LinkedIn is the best platform to achieve a better business reach and find potential customers. Whether your business is a goods provider, targeting B2B or B2C or a service provider, LinkedIn can become your base for your target audience. In the previous ten years, traffic for the word “LinkedIn” has surged by more than 60%. It helps you market your brand in the right direction and reach the accounts of the targeted clients all around the globe.

5 steps to increase traffic to your LinkedIn profile:

Complete your profile -

Profile completion is a prime step when you are aiming to boost your blog traffic. Profiles with 100% complete data receive an ‘All-star rating’. It is extremely easy to achieve this rating, by following the steps mentioned on LinkedIn. The most important things to keep in mind are the headline, the resume section, and the about me section. The algorithm at LinkedIn will help profiles with an all-star rating more than the profiles which are partially completed.

Build relevant networks -

Building the correct audience and network for your brand is essential. The most common mistake people make while marketing is not marketing in the right direction. For instance, if you are selling premium writing services and targeting college-going students, you might not get enough traction. While on the other hand, marketing the same premium services to a group of small business owners, or CEO of company’s you are bound to get more sales. The best way to build a network faster is to join groups that would need your product most.

Post consistently -

Posting consistently is a way of showing your virtual presence. It speaks for your commitment to your work and helps to build trust with your audience. At the same time, the LinkedIn algorithm promotes such accounts which post consistently. It is highly recommended to have a posting schedule and prepare your posts well in advance.

Post links to your blogs with excerpts -

Adding links to your blogs helps your audience understand that you have researched your blogs well. It makes your posts more reliable and credible. Adding relevant sources, especially while adding statistics or quoting others, is a must.

Don’t spam your network -

Remember your network can be your future client. Unnecessary spamming can lead to a feeling of alienation in them. This can result in frustration and irritation and they might want to get rid of you. This would definitely be a blow for your brand.


With the help of these 5 steps, it would be a piece of cake to gain more traffic on your LinkedIn Profile. Here is a pro tip – research your keywords well. Keywords also play a major role in helping you boost traffic and reach a mass of people. Boosting your business on LinkedIn is the next step for you.

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