6 Types of Personal Brands

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Do you recall a time when personal brands were reserved for celebrities? Performers, entertainers,  and sportsmen have dominated both the physical and virtual worlds. Just a fast Google search will reveal how regular individuals from all across the globe are utilizing emerging personal branding technologies to create personal brands that draw visitors to their websites or social media profiles.

According to research, there are 6 main personas that best identify personal brand types – altruists, careerists, hipsters, boomerangs, connectors & selective.

The Altruist

Altruists are people who are well-known for their dedication to aiding people. These are individuals that are dedicated not just in regard to their conduct, but also in relation to individual connections.

The Hipster

Hipster refers to a well-defined society of modern individuals who value uniqueness above everything else. A hipster is also someone who enjoys trying new things and sharing their discoveries with others. Hipster is a mixed personal branding type where an individual can adopt both altruism and careerism as need be. 

The Professional

Individuals with the careerist’s personal brand type display a propensity for professional growth over all other personal success. Careerists are more typically affiliated with business-related platforms like LinkedIn, where they continually share knowledge that will help them advance in their field.

The Boomerang

The boomerang personal brand type identifies individuals who distribute information and initiate relationships just to stir up controversy. They don’t always approve the content selection to communicate forward the material due to the risk of being perceived as controversial.

The Connector

The Connectors are individuals who take pleasure in their potential to bring everyone together. These are generally people who are well-connected and publicly use their connections to bring everybody together. They are usually inventive and rely on others for affirmation and fulfillment.

The Selective

A selective individual is someone who only exchanges information with certain individuals. They generally filter material depending on the target audience’s fundamental requirements and preferences. They are well-known for their resourcefulness.

Key Takeaway

Personal branding is the most effective technique to position yourself as an influential figure in your industry. It helps you to take advantage of high-volume exposure while maintaining a clear focus on your aims, beliefs, and ambitions. Every style of branding is a motive for people to exchange information and determine how they will be seen in their field.

It is important to introspect to find out what personal brand type you wish to represent or employ. The most crucial thing to bear in mind is that a strong personal brand cannot be faked. People desire to be able to interact with those of us who share their beliefs.

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