An Entrepreneur’s Perfect Profile

The LinkedIn algorithm can be tough to crack if you are not applying better profile practices.

One such practice is to increase the searchability of your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by your potential recruiters, clients & followers.

The other one is to acquire quality inbound leads as a service provider.

But how do you do all this?

This case study will explain to you exactly that…

The objective was to increase the searchability of a profile and through it drive inbound leads.

Our first job was to optimize the profile through 3 step process:

  1. In order to make the profile searchable, we optimized the LinkedIn profile with specific niche-related keywords to headline and about section.
  2. Our next job was to make people click the profile after finding it. All we did to increase the clickability of our profile was:
  •         Uploaded good-quality profile photo.
  •         Clear & attractive headline.
  •         Network (the larger the network the larger your 2nd level connections)
  1. Finally, we made the profile more approachable by flaunting the education section to add credibility, giving a personalized tone to the about section, uploaded cover pictures that talked about our work, and we posted regularly

The profile optimization process was done. It was time to analyze the results.

Based on our activities and consistent posting of high-value content on the platform we were able to:

  1. Increase the profile visit to about 3600%
  2. Weekly search appearances went up to 60%
  3. We were able to generate 50+ inbound leads

In a timeline of just 45 days!

All this happened because we followed a strategic 3 step profile optimization process and consistent posting on LinkedIn.

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