Best ways to connect with people outside your network on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest network for connecting with professionals. It helps in finding the right job or an internship. It helps in building strong relationships with business professionals. It is a platform for anyone who wants to advance in their field of career.

Hence LinkedIn is suggestive to be informative and helpful in finding the correct job/ internship. It requires an email to connect with people and to share the invitations. The members who connect to your invitations become your 1st-degree connections. They are provided with the updates you post on your profile. LinkedIn allows a maximum of thirty thousand connections in the 1st degree.

You can connect with people in various ways: 

  1. Search results – In this you can connect by clicking on the right of the information of the member.
  2. Member’s profile – in this type of profile, you have to click on the connect button presenting their profile page.
  3. Enlarge your network page – for growing your network page by importing and syncing the contacts using the email addresses.
  4. People you may know – for this, you have to click on the connect button below the member’s name.
  5. My network page – accept the invitations that are pending.
  6. Leverage connections – in this, you can ask a mutual friend of yours to connect. And then send a message to the existing connection to help you and the connection will be known as your 2nd-degree connection.

LinkedIn is a platform that anybody can utilise, whether they are students or professionals. It is also used by people like entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders. There are numerous steps by which you can make your profile appropriate enough to showcase and get a better opportunity. 

The steps are as follows:

You need to post something that is engaging enough and is related to your industry

Since people can check out your profile and judge you and your skills on this basis only. Hence you need to portray yourself in a way, it seems convincing to the professional so that they can hire you. For instance, if you are an architecture student you won’t post something related to marketing right? This will create a negative impact on you. Hence, project yourself in the way you want your audience to perceive you.

Share connection requests to the potential connections with a personal note

Since connecting to people is important, if you want to last longer in the industry. You have to maintain healthy relationships with people of higher power and knowledge. For this, you can send them a connection request accompanied by a message that will describe why you want to connect. This will depict your intention to know their company and allow them to accept the connection request.

Try connecting with the LinkedIn groups

To succeed you have to be visible to the people and connecting to groups is the most appropriate option. By this, you can meet a large group of people in the same profession at once. Once entered into a group you can ensure your visibility by posting something relevant or reacting to the post made by them. This will make sure of your existence.


Hence you should consider LinkedIn if you want to connect with professionals in your domain. It aids in improving your exposure and sharing your experience, allowing professionals to consider you when recruiting. One should add their skills and be a little boastful about them to let the person know about you and your skills. It will help you to portray a working image in front of them.

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