Creating a LinkedIn Post That 50% of Your Network Will Engage With

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LinkedIn is a platform used by numerous professionals (entrepreneurs, CEOs) and students. This platform can be used for job hunting and hiring processes, you can open your company’s page and do a lot of other things. Hence, LinkedIn is an important platform that should be used by anyone who wants to grow their business. It will help you to be more visible to the hiring professionals. Also, you can portray yourself the way you want to make the recruiters sure if they want to hire you or not. You can connect to numerous people and groups. 

By this time we are aware of the system of LinkedIn and what we are required to do to be visible and keep someone engaged to your profile. But now comes the question: how can we make people engage with the posts. For this, there are numerous tips available, some of them are as follows:

Create polls on LinkedIn:

You can create and develop a poll on the page of the company or in the groups. This will help in knowing the opinions of people around a particular topic.

Have a brawny profile:

If you are the Owner/Founder/Executive of the business, you can have connections with the audience to know about the company. You have to tag your company in every post or story you are sharing.

Include static images:

Since images are more visible to people at the rate of two times. They result in attracting more people. Posting nearly three or four images in a single post can help in performing well meticulously for organizations.

Inculcating videos:

As compared to a static picture, video tends to gather five times more audience in which the live videos can engage twenty-four times more people. LinkedIn has a help centre option which helps in carrying out each function if someone is new to it.

Create anecdotes:

Since the employees make the company you head, you need to make them feel inclusive of the nature of business. For that, you can create posts to celebrate your employees. It will help them to acknowledge team moments. LinkedIn provides personalised settings for such vociferates.


The tips for LinkedIn above were related to the engagement of people more with your profile but to create an evident impact from your profile you need to follow certain steps like optimizing your profile with the best skills. You must design a good profile so that when someone views your profile, they remember how important it is. The importance of making connections is undeniable, as it aids in the development of relationships with those already in the industry. You have to create content in a way that relates to your profession and engages people of the same community.

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