Data-driven profile picture for more views

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The profile picture is indeed an important aspect because it is the first thing anyone can see while they go through your profile. So it needs to be impactful. However, in a professional scenario, you have to have a picture that portrays you as a professional. According to a LinkedIn survey, a profile with a profile image gets seen 21 times more than one without a profile picture. There are various issues to take in mind while posting any image to such websites, which will be described more below.

The ideal picture should be in a square of 400×400 pixels and clear enough to recognize the face. Ideally taken by a professional. However it is not necessary to get pictures clicked by a professional only, there are some points you should consider while clicking a picture for professional purposes. The pictures should appear formal and for this, some of the practices are as follows:


It takes nothing to keep a bright smile, this makes your profile more enticing and approachable.


It is quite significant. If you pick a loud and gaudy background, the focus will move to the background rather than on you. Hence always choose a solid and simple background so that you are in the limelight.

Avoid full body shots

You should avoid uploading shots depicting the full body or just the head. Display a picture that shows your head and shoulders, that is enough. Full body will shift the attention and the face becomes unrecognizable sometimes.

Recent picture

When thinking of uploading a picture, don’t pick a ten yr old picture, choose a recent one to show your recent images.

Furthermore, even after considering all of the factors, if you are still unsure about the image to post, There are some websites that represent the percentage of how good your picture is, like what will the picture depict in a certain scenario.

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