Do people Ignore your Content?

There are over 4 BILLION content pieces being shared on Facebook alone, EVERYDAY! 

In these times of extreme noise on the internet, it is very likely that your content is being ignored. While getting popular or being “Viral” are very aspirational goals today, here are a few tips that you can follow to make sure you create the most engaging content pieces.

Now, this is a long post, so here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Catching people’s eye from the word GO

  • Use Numbers

  • Speak to your audience 

  • Use Visuals

  • Be up to date


Catch people’s eye from the word GO! 

Content Creation is an extremely competitive space to be in! Every day a consumer views if not thousands at least hundreds of posts on their feeds. 

On an average this consumer spends 3-5 seconds looking at each post. Make sure that you grab their attention in these 5 seconds, below are a few tips to help you:


  • Tell your consumers what they will learn in this post.

  • Use attention grabbing words. (e.g. BILLION!) 

  • Use catchy one liners.

  • Do not indulge into ‘Clickbaiting’ as it may affect negatively in the longer run.

Use Numbers!

Data is a very engaging tool, it catches the eye of the consumer and creates a lot of trust in their minds, it communicates objective metrics in an extremely efficient manner and makes your communication better, directly impacting the quality of your content for the better!


Content engagement rates increase 98% of the time if you use more numbers and data points!

Just make sure the numbers you are collecting are from reliable sources and don’t just post random numbers like the line above!

Speak to your audience!

As a content creator it is extremely important for you to understand who your audience is, how they communicate with each other, what are the problems that they face on a daily basis and how can you help them deal with these problems! 

This is important because you need to be a relatable figure for your audience, your audience should naturally resonate with what you are communicating and how you are communicating it and they should be able to implement the solutions that you propose for their problems!

Use Visuals!

A picture is worth a thousand words” is an adage that we are all familiar with,

Now imagine a picture plus a thousand words!


But do use a lot of relevant pictures, this will make your content so much more engaging and appealing to all kinds of users!

                                                          Picture Source:

Be Up to Date!

Trends are extremely volatile and have a short life. But, it is extremely important to identify what trends your audience is following and capitalize on that!

From hundreds of dances on Reels to the ever evolving meme culture, trends engage people like nothing else but the most important thing to crack here is TIMING, you can’t be early or late to this party. Figure out that sweet spot and follow trends only if it makes sense for your content!

I know all of this sounds very complicated and overwhelming, and to be honest it is! Good things take time and patience. An easier way out would be to get someone who understands how to do this well, perhaps we can be a good fit for you! 

Please book a free consultation call with us below and understand how we can add value to your personal brand! 

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