Factors to optimize your LinkedIn profile

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When it comes to creating an optimized profile on LinkedIn, there is one major factor to keep in mind. Keyword Optimisation. As scary as the term sounds, it is easier to achieve it in reality. Once you have optimized your LinkedIn profile completely, you just need to be virtually present on the platform regularly to increase your ranking.

Factors to be considered -

LinkedIn is in over 200 countries worldwide, the network has about 756 million users, comprising 90 million senior-level influencers, 63 million policymakers, and 10 million C-level executives.

What should you do in order to optimize your LinkedIn profile? The social content is the thing that you must remember.

Here is a checklist, to answer this commonly asked question.

Pay keen attention to the keywords

The keywords play a major role when it comes to the searchability of your profile. These are nothing, but the basic terms or words in relation to your brand that you feel your audience would look for. For instance, ‘content marketer’ can be a major keyword if you are in the field of content marketing. Be sure to make use of strong keywords in your headline.

The headline calls for better details

While writing the headline of your LinkedIn profile, ensure it is crisp, to the point, and accentuates your unique selling point. For instance, instead of writing ‘Content marketer’, it would be better to write ‘LinkedIn Content marketer’. The headline is the first thing any person visiting your profile would see is your headline. This decides whether the person sees the rest of your profile, or doesn’t.

Check whether your profile is complete

LinkedIn has an inbuilt feature where it helps you check whether your profile is 100% complete or not. Make sure to achieve this ‘All-star’ rank. This also comments on your credibility. Individuals who join LinkedIn are 2x more intent-driven than those who join other sites. They’ve come with the intention of learning and improving. Such accounts rank better.

Keep your resume and profile dated

The timeline is extremely important. Your resume helps people understand your progress.

Post regular updates

Being the CEO of a company, your audience would be more interested in knowing the latest updates of your company. Provide them with progress in your business and let them know about the latest activities.

Join relevant groups and interact more with people

Joining groups where you can find like-minded people will help you develop more connections and give you a better reach. The more you interact with people, the better your reach.


Finding buyers and audiences for your business is a piece of cake with an optimized LinkedIn account. The better your reach, the more successful your business would be. This platform will help you connect and establish a rapport with people from all over the globe. 

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