Going Outbound as a start-up founder

Every start-up’s primary aim is to generate quality leads.

And the best place to do that is LinkedIn.

But oftentimes it gets really difficult for founders to generate leads on the platform. It is due to the lack of building a proper strategy and its implementation.

In this case study, we will talk about the 10:3 strategy that helped us generate quality leads in just 45 days.

The objective was to generate leads through an outbound strategy on LinkedIn as a start-up founder.

We devised a cohesive 10:3 network growth strategy wherein we:

  1. Sent out 10 connection requests to our target audience & relevant professionals and shared high-value comments on any 3 of their posts. EVERYDAY.
  2. Connected with them on LinkedIn and grew our network.
  3. In turn we were able to generate some quality leads.

The consistent implementation of the 10:3 network growth strategy helped us achieve

  1. 50%+ increase in our connection acceptance rate
  2. 200+ growth in the network
  3. 50+ quality leads

In a timeline of just 45 days.

We understand that sending out connections to a specific audience can be tedious. But in our experience, if done consistently it can create a strong network for your start-up and help you generate quality leads!

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