Growing the network of a founder

Networking when said is just a simple terminology with a simpler meaning. Connecting with people.

But this simple term is one of the most powerful tools for any professional out there.

Oftentimes it is really hard to do effective networking. It is due to lack of proper strategy. Yes! You read it correctly. Networking requires strategy. And that’s what we did!

Our main objective was to grow LinkedIn network as a founder. For this we implemented our 360-degree network growth approach to LinkedIn personal brand building.

We devised our plan of action in 3 steps:

  1. We optimized our profile on 3 pillars of profile optimization, i.e., searchability, clickability & approachability.
  2. Initiated highly researched and curated conversation that helped us grow our network.
  3. Developed high-quality thought leadership content.

This 3 steps plan of action helped us achieve:

  1. A network growth of 1000+ relevant professionals.
  2. Our connection rate was averaged to about 60%
  3. We got into top 1% in industry SSI rank!

In just 3 months of consistency and hard work.

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