How to build a perfect LinkedIn profile

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Linkedin is a social networking site where anyone could promote their skill, knowledge, training, and experience, among other things.

LinkedIn is among the most effective tools for expanding your network. You can tell the professional world a little bit more about yourself through Linkedin. As a result, a well-written LinkedIn profile is necessary.

Consider your profile to be a less traditional and more active version of your résumé. This is where you may put items like a personal image, interests, accolades, and a quick synopsis of yourself that wouldn’t fit on a typical resume.

Components of a LinkedIn profile:

The basics of every LinkedIn profile are the same. Having a strong profile will not only make you a more enticing prospect while looking for work, but it will also open doors for you for other opportunities.

A Professional Profile Photo:

According to a study, a profile picture increases the number of LinkedIn profile views by 24 times. Your image must be both precise and colorful. Make sure you’re not using a selfie as the profile picture.


The headline of your profile is the text that displays at the top of the page. Within only 120 characters, the message must be absolutely clear. Go into a bit more detail than your work’s headline and add some intrigue.

About/ Summary:

Keywords relevant to the communication should occur early and frequently in the summary text. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to show off your personality while demonstrating your abilities.


This category attracts 11 times the number of profile views. Keep the skill list under strict supervision, and your links will back up your talents after they’ve been added. To prevent rejection and a poor profile score, don’t encourage abilities that aren’t relevant to the user.

Vanity URL:

 This is a fantastic chance for branding. LinkedIn allows the user to change the URL of the public Profile, which is the edition of the LinkedIn profile that is available to anybody online. This is an often-overlooked option for customization.


When it relates to professional experience, it’s preferable to put everything in reverse chronological order. For each task, use two or three bullets. When you obtain a promotion in a company that has many responsibilities, you should discuss each one separately.


Recommendations are long-form recommendations issued by coworkers and employers, unlike endorsements. They have a good value on a resume, therefore you should work hard to improve them.

How to make a glowing Linkedin profile?

If you’re not sure how to improve your LinkedIn profile, try hiring an experienced profile writer. A skilled Networking writer will develop a profile that includes important keywords to help hiring managers find you.

Additionally, you can use different applications and websites to create a stunning and optimized profile, such as Grammarly for writing and English, photofeeler for an appropriate profile photo, Microsoft Word for an optimized bulleted list of work experience, and Google Analytics for appropriate keywords in skills and endorsements, among others.

The advantages of having a LinkedIn profile are nearly unlimited, and there are no disadvantages to having one. Participate in forums, collaborate, and meet others who share your interests. A top-down strategic assessment of a LinkedIn profile will guarantee that a consistent picture is left behind. Perform this evaluation at least once a quarter, or more frequently if necessary.

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