How to choose the right LinkedIn background photo?

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Do you have a background photo on your linkedin profile? Can’t seem to remember? Then go and find out!

Even if you aren’t aware of it, it turns out that your LinkedIn cover photo may be more important than you believe. That image appears above your profile image and appears to be a banner.

Although LinkedIn cover photographs have been available for a few years, you no longer have the power of selecting from the LinkedIn photo library. Be certain the image you choose for your LinkedIn background photo suits your personal/professional brand and delivers your distinctive message. Select photographs that motivate you or represent your work.


The specifications of the LinkedIn background photo

On your LinkedIn profile, a background photo is excellent real estate. Your image will be suitably scaled at 1,584 by 396 pixels if everything is done correctly. Any photograph bigger than which will be resized, so that fantastic portrait photo of you posing in front of the Taj Mahal could be out. If you want to incorporate text in your Linkedin background photo, the best spot to put it is in the far right corner.

Advantages of adding a Linkedin background photo

  • While keeping professionalism, your background photo should reflect a little bit of your individuality.
  • The majority of individuals have just put the essentials to their accounts, such as a professional photo and education. You may improve your account stand out to people who are sifting through dozens of pages of accounts by including that extra phase and memory cue.
  • Before they read the entire piece of text, a well-chosen image should inform potential consumers who and what you are, what you are doing, and what you’re all about.
  • Although your profile photo should be modest and respectable, your background photo should reflect your identity and individuality. Your LinkedIn background photo, when utilized properly, may assist new contacts and recruitment agencies get a feel of your personal brand and then getting to know you somewhat further.

Tips to have an efficient Linkedin Background Photo

  • Have an appealing image that you would be glad to show off to everyone, and it should be something you really love. Canva and Pixlr are internet applications that let you adjust picture proportions, text boxes, and merge photos for a professional-looking outcome.
  • Choose a backdrop photo that complements your brand or personality, and use it to highlight yourself or your company.
  • Depending on the device you’re using to view it, your background image will appear differently. As a result, ensure that the picture you generate — whether using a dedicated tool or some other method – is optimized to be viewable on computers, iPhone, and Android phones.
  • Make your profile unique by using keywords that represent you and your company. In the case of a professional background photo, it may help to keep things simple.

Take advantage of the LinkedIn profile’s background image feature. They have the potential to grow business or foster significant friendships if used effectively. When it comes to your LinkedIn profile photo, don’t be afraid to solicit feedback from others. Be truthful, assertive, and show the individuals who are looking at your profile because you’re the right person for the job.

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