How to start a conversation on LinkedIn with investors?

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Over years, we have seen it as a trend for entrepreneurs to find an ideal investor somewhere. This helps in the generation of capital for the company and leads to the development of the company. Hence they are called Venture Capital (VC). Therefore, it is important to search for some investors on LinkedIn since it is the world’s largest platform for professionals. It provides the services for jobs and internships and helps in connecting with people who are already on the job and are doing well.

So in the following article, We will provide some tips for contacting potential investors, meticulously when you don’t have any mutual connection.

Whenever you send a connection request on LinkedIn to an investor, they can quickly go through your LinkedIn profile to get an idea of your professional background and sense of business. Hence you need to provide an effective and pertinent factor so that they can consider you. You Can check the mutuals to get a quick referential idea for approaching them in the first place. Additionally, you should check out some of these tips:


Before approaching any investor, you need to have in-depth research about their company policies. After then figure out which company will be appropriate considering this process. Because the majority of investors mention their areas of interest, which are mostly internet, mobile, and education-related, it should not be difficult for you to choose one that is suitable for you.

Reach out to limited people

Don’t reach out to tons of people at a time, connect with one or two people who seem to be appropriate to invest in your startup. Also, in one firm you can acknowledge one or two people about the idea and not everyone. This is fairly typical in VC businesses since individuals prefer to ping many people, which is unproductive. Such behavior implies that your study was not done correctly and is thus deemed unprofessional. This will reduce your chances of being considered.

Mutual connections

It is the best choice, if one of your connections is also connected with the investor they can introduce you to the VC. and this referral thing will lead to increased chances to receive an investment.

Another important tip is that you should not directly add the investors without the connection invitation. It is considered professional if you first send a message on the mail stating the idea and request for investment. This is also considered important as many people are cautious at adding people and if they didn’t find you relevant they may ignore your connection request.

Marketers strongly advise leveraging LinkedIn as a source of investment leads. Begin the investor engagement effort as if it were a marketing and advertising initiative, and execute it properly. To begin, establish a superb profile, progressively enhance your connection ratio, and evaluate the strategies from time to time to maintain increasing your results.

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