How to start your Personal Brand on LinkedIn from scratch?

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Back in 2018, I was looking for a change of job. I was working as a Marketing associate at a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi and while it was very exciting, I knew that I had a passion for organising events and I wanted to work in an events company. Around July of that year, I received a message from an HR on LinkedIn, a platform I wasn’t very active on, at the time.

The message was for an opportunity to lead the Events Team at Josh Talks, one of India’s leading startups. This was the first time I realised that even a very basic but active attempt at Personal Branding on LinkedIn is extremely important.

Here, I thought, if I know of the power of LinkedIn, and you know of the importance and capability of the same, then it is time we get to how you can start from scratch! 

Here are 5 steps to start your journey on LinkedIn and become an ALL STAR.

Create your account!

  1. Creating your account is very straightforward. 
  2. But, just signing up is not the end of starting on LinkedIn. You have to update your LinkedIn profile, which is very important.
  3. Start with your name, profile picture, add a detailed bio & fill in your about sections.

Pro Tip:  Remember that LinkedIn is a professional network. Treat every price of information that you update as per the interests and habits of how your industry professionals consume content.

Update your details properly!

  1. Once your account is ready, it’s time to work on detailing your profile. Details of your past experience, jobs, school, college, etc.
  2. Don’t just add the title and the time, really work on it. Add crucial information about your experience, your responsibilities, growth & achievements for each section.
  3. The world is running its course with 1 page resumes and LinkedIn provides you a brilliant opportunity to display your talent and skills in the most effective way possible.

We are coming up with another blog to take you through each of the above points in detail. We will take a deep dive into how to write your bio, your about section, job descriptions, education, volunteering etc.

Your Network is your net worth!

  1. Don’t just sit there and think that now since you have an ALL STAR looking profile that your job here is done. You need to start working on finding people to add to your network. Start with your 1st connections. Look at your friends and family.
  2. The second level of connections should be based on finding people who are from your industry. Use the search bar to search for your industry. I started with a basic search for “Event Management”. I started looking at the results. Went through profiles of people and if I thought they could teach me something, I sent them a connection request.
  3. While doing this, a basic trick to finding more relevant people is to look at the bottom of the profile you have just found. At the bottom it shows you other similar profiles of people your new connection is connected to. This web will get you 100’s if not 1000’s of relevant people to connect with.
  4. One thing to remember there is that when you send a connection request, don’t forget to send a note with your request. Your job is to convince people about why they should connect with you. This small note on why you are trying to connect with them can be the game changer.

Content is King!

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  1. I know, you are going to say that everyone says content is the king but how do we get to creating content? You will have a million excuses. You are probably not a good writer, or maybe you are not good at creating videos or possibly you don’t have any ideas at all. But that is not true. Everyone is a content creator. You just haven’t tried enough.
  2. Let’s say you don’t have the time to do it or say, you really don’t know how to get started with this. Then, you can come to us and we can help you get started on an awesome personal brand on LinkedIn.
  3. Our Head of Marketing, writes all the content and creates all our social media material. This person, as of 15 May 2021 had no experience in content creation whatsoever. With time and practise with our consultants, he was able to get a grasp on things pretty quickly. You can look at our other blogs to see how it is going and share some feedback with us.
  4. This feedback that we have asked you for, is the only way to become better at creating content. It’s as simple as that, when you do write something, you just need to go and ask for feedback. Ask your friends, your family, or your network. They will all help when you ask for it.

Start Conversations!

  1. LinkedIn is a conversational platform. It helps you connect with people and this connection is not just with connecting like a friend request. It is about conversations.
  2. You should start conversations through your content. Ask people to share what they are thinking. Maybe in the beginning you won’t get a log of comments, but with time people will start loving the idea of conversation with you.
  3. Reply to people as soon as possible. Whenever someone asks you for anything, don’t let it sit there. Reply to them and add value to the best of your capabilities.

This was a small blog on the very basic things you need to keep in mind while starting from scratch. This may sound a little overwhelming. Sometimes because you don’t understand how social media works, or sometimes because content creation is not a very comfortable activity for you.

It could also be because you simply don’t have the time or resources to take care of this, “Extra Activity”. But my personal experiences have always made it very clear to me that this extra activity has always helped me grow in my career, in my learning and most recently in my entrepreneurial journey! I hope to see all of you starting with your own LinkedIn profiles very soon!

Don’t forget to share your story of how LinkedIn has helped you in life in the comments section! 

Abhisht Abhivyakti Pathak

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