konnct.me: Case Study


Every brand has a vision. We also started with a vision that was very essential in building konnct.me. 

Our idea was to help professionals from all industries to utilize the full potential of the digital ecosystem. The way we planned to do so was to build an All-Star personal brand for professionals.

But the road wasn’t as easy as it seems. We faced a set of major issues initially that hurdled the way to achieving our goal. We lacked:

  • Relevant Network 
  • Manpower
  • Credibility 
  • Funds

After contemplating the whole situation we came up with a solution. Interestingly, LinkedIn provided us with the platform to tame most of our issues. 

Hence, we strategically devised a 4-step plan on how to go about with LinkedIn. Now, it was time to execute them

The first step in the execution of our plan was Profile Optimization.

We adhered to the 3-pillar concept, i.e., optimizing the profile to make them searchable, clickable, and approachable. 

Now, let us understand why these 3 pillars are so important for a LinkedIn profile:

  • Searchable Profile– To make people easily find us. You need to include keywords to your profile, headline, and about section that is relevant to your niche and target audience.
  • Clickable Profile–  It is a way to make people click on your profile. Put out a good profile image (yes, it does make an impression!), a clear and attractive headline (just speak what you do, who do you help, and how do you help in one single sentence), and network. (the larger the network the more the number of 2nd level connections. All this increases the chance of your profile being clicked massively!
  • Approachable– To make people approach us.  Flaunt your educational experiences, optimize a more personalized about section, add a cover image that spoke what we do, and lastly, we posted regularly!

Using this 3-pillar strategy we were able to make our killer LinkedIn profiles.

Once the profiles were optimized, we then needed to build a solid network. 

This was our second step in execution, i.e, Connection Loop.

It was necessary to pre-determine our target audience and relevant professionals. 

The plan was to send out 10 requests and share valuable comments on their 3 posts daily. It not only helped us to build a meaningful connection with them but also with their audience. We call this our 10:3 strategy. This prevented us from getting into the LinkedIn jail. 

Sending out connection requests to a specific audience can be tedious. But in our experience, if done consistently it can build a strong network for your brand. Sharing relevant and engaging comments on their content is also very important. It will help you build credibility and expertise among your network. 

Isn’t this a charming way to build an audience for yourself? We think so!

Sure, the 10:3 strategy helped us in building an excellent audience. However, the engagement rate wasn’t what we expected. 

Hence we executed the third step, Network clearance!

So we started filtering out our connections. We removed all our irrelevant connections who were not in our target audience. 

The reason behind this is

  1. LinkedIn has an upper limit for your connections (30K) 
  2. The golden hour on LinkedIn: As soon as you post something, the platform shows it to a subset of your 1st level connections, and based on their reaction to the post the platform promotes it organically to your 2nd level connections. If your network is diluted so will your subset be. This can be the reason behind the low engagement ratio on your content.

Now that we had optimized the profiles, built a relevant network, and removed the irrelevant ones, we needed to start working on our branding. How did we do that? By executing out the 4th step.

The 4th step was all about playing a strong content game on the platform.  

We carefully structured all our content that was to go on LinkedIn in such a way that it was educative, valuable, and authentic. This helped us to build credibility and expertise among our network massively!

What did we achieve using this 4 step plan?

Let’s look at a few results to understand how our 4 step plan helped us to achieve our goal.

Network Reach– With the correct implementation of our 10:3 strategy and network clearance we were able to grow a relevant network of 9.4K+ professionals. 

Inbound Traffic– With our strong and strategic content game, we were able to achieve inbound traffic of 1.7k+

You may wonder, how much time did we invest in achieving these results? 

We invested our time for almost 60 days on LinkedIn. We were consistent with our plan and showed up daily. And that helped us to achieve an MRR of 150k+!  That’s amazing, isn’t it! 

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