LinkedIn Headline—The Precious Space Most Users Don’t Take Up

A headline in LinkedIn is a place where anyone describes themselves in a maximum of one hundred and twenty words. It is also referred to as a resume summary. This description appears next to the profile of the individual and helps the individual to decide whether they want to accept their invitation to connect or not. Your headline should be captivating enough to let a user open your profile. Hence it should be drafted carefully explaining your expertise and skills.

Importance of headlines:

The headlines are essential as they are the driving feature that makes your profile more visible. A well-drafted headline creates an impactful impression. Since the first impression is the last, you have to present yourself in the way you want them to perceive you. If you fail to make an impact and generate traffic on your page, then it is all a waste of time. You need to make your profile clickable so that the professional tries to reach you and develop connections. The headline defines you as a person, your field of expertise and skills. It provides the other person with a reason to connect with you.

How to write optimized headlines:

  1. Make it for the audience – since you need to captivate the audience to click on your profile and develop connections. Therefore, you have to make it for them and about them. Tell about yourself in a way that resonates with them. 
  2. Be flamboyant – you should add about your achievements in the headline as it will help the people know your capabilities and strengths. 
  3. Use Keywords – The headline impacts the searchability of your profile, make sure you use commonly used words to describe what you do. 
  4. Curate your headline – as people find something attractive when it is presented beautifully. Therefore, you should craft your headline by writing it enticingly.

Examples of a good headline

  1. Laura Hilty

Profiles like her can captivate more people as she is precise about her goals and skills. Also, she has specified the scale of the job she intends.

2. Deepti Bahel

Her profile will be viewed by a large number of individuals since she is precise about her employment function in the domains in which she has certain expertise. She has used the correct keywords that most of the recruiters search for.

Examples of bad headline

Melonie Dodaro

Her profile will not be received positively as she has not mentioned her qualifications and field of expertise. Rather she has included some information that will be received as deceptive and untrustful.


A headline is indeed an expression that helps in leaving an everlasting impression on someone. You can create an impact by writing an efficient headline. It should be clear and precise. Also, you can be a little flamboyant here, since you boast about your skills. It helps you to attract your potential audience to click on your profile. Hence adding an effective headline is of great importance and you should take it seriously.

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