Playing the Content Game on LinkedIn

Anyone can create content! But can you create great content? To be more precise, can you create great content on LinkedIn? 

Yes, of course, you can! All you need to do is understand your niche, research well and collect data. 

Creating content on LinkedIn is more than just recording random videos that might get a few thousand views! Your LinkedIn audience is more concerned with educational and factual content rather than simple dance videos (no offense, they work pretty well on some other platforms!)

So how do you create a content piece that blows your audience’s mind? 

These are the 6 steps that have helped us out alot:

1. Ideate Your Content Plan

There are several ways you can generate ideas for your content. We usually do a google search of a general topic that we want to explore and go to the news section. You will get all the latest news and happenings there about your selected topic. It’s like a content bucket. 

It’s better to create 10 to 15 posts beforehand and schedule them for the next two weeks. 

2. Read, Research & Read Again

You need to be up to date with all the latest happening in your industry. Read as many articles, newspapers, blogs as you can and consume content on LinkedIn by other creators. Formulate your opinion around it and base your content on that. 

Disclaimer- Always do your research from a reliable source. 

3. Conduct a Content Competition

This one was a game-changer for us. Let us explain how! You need to compete your content with your content. Strange right? You must be thinking, “Where do I conduct this competition?”

The answer is simple, on other social media platforms! Let’s take Twitter as an example.

Let’s say you made 5-6 tweets related to a topic you researched or want to talk about on LinkedIn. Analyze which tweet does the best on Twitter. Create content around the winning tweet for LinkedIn. 

Twitter already showed you a glimpse of the engagement rate. So, there are chances this content will get the same high engagement on LinkedIn as well. 

4. Do Not Wander Off Your Niche

Ok, this is something VERY IMPORTANT!

The best thing you can do is to stick to your niche and create your content around that! It adds credibility to your personal brand.

If you are a marketer, write about marketing and domains related to it. If you are a content writer, write to help other aspiring writers. Don’t be a graphic designer and an SEO specialist. It confuses your audience.

5. Edit, Edit & Keep Editing

When you hit on the post button, your content is out there!

It should be the best of your work every time. Make sure you edit it until there’s nothing left to edit. You cannot prevent slight human errors, but you can prevent major mistakes! We edit our articles at least 4 times after the first draft has been finalized.

Don’t be afraid to take opinions from your colleagues or friends whom you can trust.

6. Start Creating Type 2 Content on LinkedIn

Type 2 content means commenting on someone else’s LinkedIn post.

Prevent yourself from commenting “interesting” or “thank you for sharing” or “great post” on LinkedIn. We have observed people posting similar kinds of tailored comments on every other post.  You might think it’s giving out value but it’s not. Instead, share your opinion, or what that content made you feel. Be genuine with your comments. The best part is if the author likes and pins your comment, you have a high chance of getting noticed by a wider audience. 

So write as if you are marketing your credibility to a new set of audience.

These were the 6 main steps that you should follow to create content on LinkedIn. 

To summarize, you need to ideate first on what you want to write, read and do your research right, conduct a competition, write content that is in your niche and does not wander off, edit your content as many times as you can, and finally start creating type 2 content on LinkedIn. 

Lastly, Be Consistent. You may be able to execute all this perfectly fine. But it’s up to you to be consistent with it. Motivation comes and goes, but consistency goes a long way. 


If you don’t have the bandwidth to do all of this on your own, don’t worry, we can help you out. Just click on the button below and schedule a call with our team! 

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