Powerful tips to curate content for LinkedIn

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Content curation refers to the procedure of searching and shuffling through the content to explore and research the information so that your audience can relate to it.

Content curation can be in any form be it blogs, videos, news, images, podcasts and much more. You don’t have to pick every content and display it to the audience, you need to choose the best and most recent and relevant topics to present so that your audience relates to it. 

There are many benefits as to why one should curate their content, a few of which are being discussed below:

  1. Many people are creating content for similar topics, you need to present that factor by which your audience is captivated.
  2. You have to produce content in a way that will lead to a larger audience.
  3. All the content you prepare does not need to be displayed.
  4. The content which is recent, relevant and effective should only be displayed.

Following are some tips that will help you to curate your content in a way that reaches more people and seems relevant.

Follow influential people

These people add a sense of context to the subject. When you add impact making people, your content starts making more sense as people are able to relate to the ideologies. Also, this activity will help you reach out to more people as the profile and content will become visible through that person. For instance, people like Warren Buffet are considered influential people and his thoughts and ideologies impact people. Since your audience is aware of such people they won’t mind going through your content too.

Newsletter subscription

Subscription to such industries will keep you updated about the facts and trends, the likes and dislikes of people and what they found to be reliable and contextual.

Follow your customers

In a B2B organization, you should follow some of your customers. Doing that will help in a way that your customers will stay updated with your content.

Use aggregator tools

RSS feed aggregators are available on such platforms, which will help you to subscribe to multiple websites and help you deliver the content you desire directly into your inbox. This type of content can be saved and used later to display on your page.


It can be concluded that curation is essential for any type of content. Since numerous people are preparing the same type of content. You should be able to provide them with a unique value so that the audience should consider you. There are many tips available on the internet for the same, a few of which we have discussed above. Follow all the tips to induce high traffic to your posts.

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