Take control of your P.I.E.

The concept of P.I.E. centers upon three key elements, which are each assigned a fixed percentage of the whole package, and was created to assist experts of various backgrounds to aspire for the highest level of the hierarchy. It may also be generalized to assist you in understanding how to brand yourself in a less organized working environment.

The main idea is that you may improve your career by concentrating on managing the balance between any of these three essential variables. If you strike the correct balance, you’ll be well on your way to success.

What is P.I.E.?


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The most fundamental component of the pie is performance. This is about the job you do daily and the reliability of the outcomes you achieve. Performance accounts for 10% of personal branding advancement.


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Image is how you set yourself apart. When you’re not present, and somebody asks what they perceive you as in the hallway, your image, or personal brand, is what they’ll remark on. People’s first impressions of you and how they engage with you regularly are influenced by your overall image. This element is responsible for 30% of the success rate. Your image is governed by a lot of factors. Some examples include 

  1. your past performances
  2. your personal brand’s credibility
  3. your style of leadership (collaborative or combative, socially interacting), and 
  4. your administrative competence.


The exposure aspect accounts for a massive 60% of career growth in this paradigm. It is a stimulus for both Image and Performance. To advance in your job, you must get advocacy. When you are not at the table and conclusions need to be reached, exposure refers to who understands you and sees you in operation and therefore can advocate in your favor. It’s being a true team player, having a connection with the management, gaining adequate recognition for yourself and the effort, having favourable support and reliable instructors, and earning public faith in yourself.

Advantages of using the P.I.E. model:

  1. P.I.E helps you track the visibility and success of your personal brand.
  2. P.I.E. is an aid in establishing long-term connections and professional contacts.
  3. Establishing a P.I.E. a model can help an individual understand their basic idea of personal brand and their personal objectives.
  4. P.I.E. defines the most fundamental factors of branding, whether personal or professional and contributes as a metric for checking progress. 

The P.I.E. procedure follows a cycle. You improve your image and exposure, which results in more performance possibilities and more exposure. In the end, personal branding is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. It’s time for you to reclaim command of your P.I.E. Applying these suggestions and observations to develop a strong and successful personal brand image for yourself would have a good and long-term influence on both your work and personal life.

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