The 5 p’s of personal branding

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Personal branding is essential as it helps in drawing more attention to you and your skills. This process enables potential consumers to associate with your name by giving you an edge over your audience.

Personal branding will help you to convince the potential consumers that you are worthy.

There are 5 P’s for being successful as a promoter of one’s skills. Those 5 P’s are personal, pointed, purposeful, prioritized and profitable. All of them have been discussed below:


Since personal branding is all about you. It revolves around you only. Hence you need to draw a line between who you are and whom you are working for. Self-branding should only include your skills and expertise, not of the company you are working for. You should be able to create a reputation for yourself as a brand. For doing the same you can take help from several social media platforms.


Pointed refers to answering all the questions that are directed towards you. You need to have an answer as for what you stand for and why should people believe in you? The reason is you should always be focused and centralize yourself as a brand and work for it. To do that, you should be accountable with the question, why should I do that? By answering this question, you essentially point your answers and your goal.


You have to realize why you are doing this and what do you stand for? Having a clear answer as to what you want your reputation to be is an absolute necessity. What purpose are you solving and what do you have to do to communicate that with your audience?


Your personal brand will be a top priority at various periods and seasons. Don’t get so conceited that you believe your individual promotional material and think your personal brand is always number one. That’s the easiest method to sabotage a well-established personal brand. It does require some attention, but not always the highest. It will evolve as it progresses through its life cycle.


You probably have a local or transnational personal brand. Whatever you undertake, this is already being worked on for yourself by others or by you. Answer questions like, “Would you like to genuinely make some money?” What kind of return on investment are you looking for? This is the paradigm We recommend you think about, strategy about, and explore for your personal brand.  People tend to follow ideologies and this makes an individual successful.


Hence it can be concluded that having a personal brand is always beneficial. It helps in making a brand value through the accumulation of one’s skills and expertise. This process is essential in generating business and initiating self-growth. Therefore, you need to have an account on the 5 P’s discussed above to be successful and more visible to people. 

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