This is why you need a Content Strategy!

We all have heard the adage ‘Customer is King’.
Back then, our King had limited options to choose from and also our King made compromises. The king couldn’t get a particular product in the way they wanted. Thanks to Digital Marketing, the customers or consumers can find anything that they want in a few clicks. They also have varied options to choose from. 

While this is great news for you as a consumer, it is not necessarily great news for you as a creator. Consumers can be easily distracted with a 15s Reel. Will the consumer be engaged with you even after those 15 secs?

Yes! if you have good quality content. This proves that now, ‘Content is King’. 

While huge billboards, Ads in newspapers can earn you a few consumers, you will have to shell out a huge sum for it. Organically earning consumers will take your creation a long way.

So, How do you attract consumers the organic way? The answer is Content Marketing. 

Your content will do the marketing for you. Conversion rates are 6x higher for Content Marketing adopters, as per a study conducted by Aberdeen.  As a creator, you should pay attention to what is the content on your platform. Finding out if it draws consumers’ attention or not. This means you need to have a Content Strategy. Building up a content strategy is not as simple as building up a content calendar.

Let us take a look at Disha’s content strategy.


Disha is transitioning from being a teenager to being an adult. She thought she should share her life journey through her Instagram account. She wanted to share her insights on urban gardening, her reviews on books that she religiously reads every day, and also help others with techniques involved in calligraphy and origami. Disha understood that she will be getting attention from consumers that have an interest in either of these activities. She aimed to influence these consumers in the other activity that she is interested in and thereby building a community of her own. You need to be as clear as Disha with your aim and build your content strategy and not just the content calendar.

Why should you have a Content Strategy?

1. It helps you cut costs!

As per DemandMetric, Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. If you have a content strategy you can plan things ahead of time and predict the cost to broadcast this content ahead of time. Thereafter, you can nick down what is not necessary and tailor your budget accordingly.

2. Plan for Actions and Reactions

Just like you predicted costs, you can also predict the reaction that you might get from the consumers to your content. You can use your problem-solving skills and keep your plan of action ready.

3. Engage your Audience

We all know about the Instagram influencer duo, Abhi and Niyu (@abhiandniyu). Their content strategy was to provide practical solutions to everyday problems which the consumers felt were not solvable at their end. Most of the Indians on the internet eagerly wait for Abhi and Niyu’s next Reel on Instagram, now. To build such a loyal audience, you need to focus on creating good quality content. Engage with your ideal audience through the content. Respond to their comments and messages.

4. Develop a Community 

Consumers need good quality content. Your clear content strategy will guide you to post relatable content of quality and this will make the audience come to you. You can build their trust with your credible content. They will reach out to you on your DM, through emails, and while you all exchange ideas, tips, and tricks with each other; you will build a community. This leads to a formation of a long term relationship which will help you generate leads for your product and services later.

5. Prepare for Tomorrow!

Consumers trust the good old WOM (Word of Mouth). This kind of marketing has now transformed into Content Marketing. Your consumers or followers are going to share your content with their friends and family. They will share it with friends and that’s where you are going to get a surplus of followers. When you have your loyal followers sharing your content, you don’t have to spend a dime on marketing and you can simply go with the flow. 78% of CMOs believe that content marketing is the future of marketing. Invest in your content strategy today and you will be prepared for it tomorrow!

With so many content creators out there, you will become invisible, This is why you need a content strategy so that your audience gets associated with your content and they reach out to you. 

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